Rubaja Photography

My Name is Yanai Rubaja, born into a loving Argentinean family
I grew up in an environment rich with art and music.

As a gift for my 12th birthday, my father gave me my very first camera.
It was love at first sight.

From that very moment, i could not let go of my camera, nor could I stop taking photographs.
Photography for me is a magical world; a world where i capture a single moment,
An intimate and special moment , which I commemorate to eternity.

I love standing on the side, watching silently, without disturbing,
Until that split second when i behold: a whole story, a deep and meaningful emotion,
or the most genuine individual.
Only then do i use the time machine in my hands, astounded time after time.

In my camera , live magical, natural, sincere and exciting captured moments.
These become the most beautiful and cherished memories, forever yours…

Yanai studied at the 'College for Photography' in Kyriat Ono, at 'Camera Obscura Art School'.

He works as an Event and Show Photographer.